ISTA 6 SIOC (Amazon)

ISTA 6 - - SIOC test method:  This test method was developed by ISTA in cooperation with to evaluate individual packages to suit their own particular purposes and handling logistics. It is considered a "General Simulation" test, and does not comply with Carrier Regulations.
It is subdivided in six types of packaged products: Type "A" through Type "F" depending on their:
1. Shipment Method (Parcel delivery of individual packaged products, or LTL delivery of individual packages product),
2. Handling Method
(Standard Handling or Pallet Handling) and
3. Weight
(Less than 50 lbs, 50 to 100 lbs, over 100 lbs)

The 6 combinations are:
Type "A": Parcel Delivery - Standard Handling - less than 50 lbs
Type "B": Parcel Delivery - Standard Handling - 50 to 100 lbs
Type "C": Parcel Delivery - Standard Handling - over 100 lbs
Type "D": LTL Delivery - Standard Handling - under 100 lbs
Type "E": LTL Delivery - Standard Handling - over 100 lbs
Type "F": LTL Delivery - Pallet Handling - any weight

  We will provide here an overview of the Type "A", the least laborious test sequence of all.  You may notice that it is quite similar to the ISTA 3A test sequence for Standard Packages.
ISTA 6 - - SIOC test method differentiates between "Fragile Items",  and "Non-Fragile Items".
"Fragile Items", meaning those that can easily break or leak during the distribution process, containing glass, Ceramic, Porcelain, Clay, containing Liquids or Semi-Liquids or Solids that melt above 70 F require testing to be performed on 5 identical samples.   "Non-Fragile Items" require only one sample to be tested.

Atmospheric Conditioning with 6 choices is optional.
The test sequence includes 4 mandatory steps:
A. Free Fall Drops first round (drop height varies with Weight of product, the heavier the product, the lower the drop height)
B. Random Vibration with and without Top Load
C. Free Fall Drops - second round (similar to ISTA 3A for Standard Packages)

There are additional Rotational Drops, Bridge Drops and Concentrated Edge Impacts required for Flat and/or Elongated Packages.

There is also an Integrity (8 hours Leakproofness) test mandatory for all packages containing liquids.