ISTA 6 Sam’s Club

ISTA 6 Sam's Club test method:  This test method was developed by ISTA in collaboration with Sam's Club to evaluate palletized loads for handling by Sam's Club handling logistics. It is considered a "General Simulation" test, and does not comply with Carrier Regulations. It is subdivided in several categories: Type "A", Type "B" and Type "C" and finally Type "D".  We will provide here an overview of the Type "A", meaning "Non-Perishable" and "Initially Shipped Palletized",  which is a widely practiced test.

Atmospheric Conditioning with 6 choices is optional.

The test sequence includes 5 mandatory steps:
A. Inclined Impact to 42 IPS on all 4 sides
B. Rotational Flat Drop  from 6" for Domestic shipments, or from 8" for International Shipments.
C. Vertical Compression to a calculated load (this is quite elaborate calculation, (please use a calculator and take notes for that one), options of AR, AH and DW.
D. Random Vibration for 3 hours per the ISTA 6 profile, no top load.
E. Rotational Edge Drop from 4" for Domestic shipments, or from 6" for International Shipments.
A last mandatory step only for non-standard pallets - Flat Push is performed with Fork Blade Tip of Forklift.